The Andrew Fisher Songbook

presents Fisher’s musical theatre songwriting specially selected from his catalogue of original musicals. This compelling collection of solo stand-alone songs are ideally suitable for cabarets, concerts and auditions and showcase his gift for melody, his characterful, insightful and witty lyrics, and stylistic range as a composer. Including a range of comedy and pathos, and humorous and moving scenarios, these well-contrasted highlights are given a ravishing orchestral treatment.

The 12 track album features 10 previously unrecorded songs, and boasts a stellar collection of the UK’s most exciting musical theatre talent;

Annalene Beechey, Daniel Boys, Danny Colligan, James Gillan, Chloe Hart, Molly Lynch, Joel Montague, Wendi Peters, Lauren Samuels, Ben Stock, Lorna Want,


Stephen Weller.

The Andrew Fisher Songbook

is the fourth Andrew Fisher project released by SimG Records, past reviews:

The Little Fox

✭✭✭✭✭ "beautifully written"

Musical Theatre Review

Girl In A Crisis

✭✭✭✭ "quite extraordinary"



✭✭✭✭✭ "You have a treat in store"

Musical Theatre Review


  1. Alphabet Soup
    James Gillan
  2. Nothing To Be Done
    Chloe Hart
  3. All Men Are Bastards
    Wendi Peters
  4. How Foolish Of Me
    Danny Colligan
  5. I Say We Fight
    Stephen Weller
  6. At The Crossroads
    Annalene Beechey
  7. Caught In The Rain
    Lauren Samuels
  8. Big Cheddar
    Joel Montague
  9. Second Base
    Lorna Want
  10. Gloucester Road
    Molly Lynch
  11. That Kind Of Day
    Ben Stock
  12. Heaven’s Plan’s A Mystery
    Daniel Boys

Released 21st May 2021 - Catalogue No: SimGR-CD040

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✭✭✭✭✭ "there is much to admire in this collection ... humour as well as pathos – all given the 5-star treatment from a plethora of talented singers ... deliciously funny numbers [and] poignant tracks. These set the tone and standard for the rest of the album. The artists bring the song writing to life and I look forward to more of the same coming in the near future ... an absolute delight and I really can’t fault it."

Nick Wakeham, Musical Theatre Review

✭✭✭✭ "Fisher is a master of melody. Every song has a much-desired hook or distinctive tune ... He flits from genre to genre showing his versatility as an artist and gives the performer a great deal of work to do in their delivery, including clear emotional arcs and personality to adopt ... Lyrical, sweeping melodies complete with sublime vocals ... brilliantly arranged ‘Heaven’s Plan’s A Mystery’ ... An excellent showcase of Fisher’s talent."

Jenny Ell, BroadwayWorldUK