Somewhere In My Mind CD



Joe Sterling’s

debut album

Somewhere In My Mind

features 13 original songs, some of which are taken from an original musical ‘Roundabout’ by Joe Sterling and lyricist Robert Gould, with vocal performances from current and future West End stars:

Craig Rhys Barlow, Adam Bayjou, Killian Donnelly, Jonathan Eio, Ross Hunter, Ashleigh Jones, Craig Mather, Rosa O’Reilly, Kit Orton, Rhiannon Sarah Porter, Jack Shalloo, Jos Slovick, Jonathan Williams


Joe Sterling.


  1. Sophie’s Song
    Ross Hunter
  2. Gone
    Jonathan Williams
  3. Make My Heart Go Beat
    Jos Slovick
  4. Ships That Pass In The Night
    Rosa O’Reilly
  5. Valentine’s Day
    Craig Mather
  6. Those Eyes
    Jonathan Eio
  7. Meet Me Half Way There
    Adam Bayjou & Ashleigh Jones
  8. You Could Be The One, They Said
    Joe Sterling
  9. The Sky Looks Grey To Me
    Rhiannon Sarah Porter
  10. Apocalypse
    Craig Rhys Barlow
  11. Here We Are
    Jack Shalloo & Jonathan Eio
  12. Shadows
    Killian Donnelly
  13. What Are We Here For
    Kit Orton

Released 9th April 2012 - Catalogue Number: SimGR-CD011

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"Sterling's gorgeous songs tell heartfelt and witty stories in the vernacular of contemporary pop. His ear for both bubbly and emotionally charged pop music tunes and his deft ability for storytelling are wonderfully showcased on this disc. Among the album's highlights are the effervescent ‘Make My Heart Go Beat’, delivered with exuberant sweetness by Jos Slovick, the bittersweet folk ballad ‘The Sky Looks Gray to Me’, which Rhiannon Sarah Porter fills with heartfelt plaintiveness, and ‘Here We Are’, a bouncy, Celtic-inspired duet that Jack Shalloo and Jonathan Eio render with joyous warmth and merry bonhomie."

Andy Propst, TheaterMania

"The freshest and possibly hottest new talent in musical theatre ... a strong collection of some of the best new writing, complimented by beautiful performances. Highly recommended."

John Roberts, Public Reviews

"The mix of lyrics between Gould and Sterling himself is pretty even, and shows that the composer is also a fine wordsmith. ‘Here We Are’ is not only clever musically, but is also a fine example in lyric writing. Gould also supplies some tasty treats … but by far the stars of the show are the music and performances. While we have writing of this quality, and record labels like SimG there to enable it, then the British Music (and Musicals) industry is in very safe, and talented hands. 9/10."

Ian Gude, Review Graveyard

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